Rockstars for a Night!

It was a night of many ‘firsts’ and it all happened in an awesome kitchen + bar located in Filinvest City Alabang.

First time to see one of my cousins sing his heart out in front of a crowd. First time to hear my Tita sing, first time to discover that she can really carry a tune! As for me, it’s my first time to sing with a live band. To sum it up:  it was our first rockstar experience! šŸ˜‹

We were there to celebrate my cousin and Tita’s bday. It’s a simple celebration with booze and yummy food. Gaaaahd! Try their Truffle Fries! Buffalo wings! heavenly awesome! Shanghai rolls too!

For starters, The Johnny’s invited my cousin (the birthday celebrant) to sing with the band. They have countless selection of songs, surprisingly!

That’s Megan the birthday celebrant with her supporter, also my cousin, Mik. 

That’s Mico. I discovered that night that he can sing! Achievement unlocked!

One of the countless surprises! My Tita sang 2 songs, unexpectedly!

The proud parents of Megan serenaded each other that night as well!!!

It was an extraordinary night for the whole family! Everyone was game! I think it’s also because The Johnny’s and one of the owners entertained the crowd very well. Walang hiya-hiya that night!!!

Thank you Red Kitchen and Bar! Thank you also to The Johnny’s who made us real rockstars for one night! 

And of course, this wouldn’t be possible without Meg, Tita Baby and Tito Eric! Happy happy birthday!!!

Red Kitchen + Bar

Rockeoke nights every Friday with The Johnny’s. 

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