Mesa Experience

Crispchon lives up to its promise. Crispiness!

We went to Mesa (SM Aura Branch) last weekend for a sumptuous lunch with our dear friend and balikbayan Nichole. She missed Pinoy Foods so we headed to Mesa for the ultimate experience.

It wasn’t my first time there. We already tried several of their dishes and it’s downright good! The place also exudes the vibe of a Pinoy home where you can see rattan and other Pinoy handmade thingy.

One thing that caught our balikbayan’s eyes is the CRISPCHON. It’s an expensive dish but the lechon and pandan crepe wrap were very intriguing so we gave it a try…

It comes with 3 different sauces of your choice. 1/4 costs around P1,600. Your call if you want it all wrapped in Pandan Crepe but in our case, we requested the waiter to have it cooked with their known garlic and spicy flavor. Ahhhhh so yummy!

This is Tinapa rice. Another great choice!

I also ordered for Sisig Rice.

We all had happy tummies!!! We also had Scallops, Pork Sinigang and Laing. Not in photos though.

…and that’s our group. 😊

Nichole, thank you very much for the treat and we hope to see you again.. In San Diego or here in PH. 😘

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