My 1st Birkam Yoga Journey

I started practicing Bikram Yoga two years ago.

I was encouraged by my friends to try it because they benefited so much from it. And by ‘much’ I mean tons of sweat, peace of mind and happy disposition in life. At first, I was VERY hesitant. First thing I thought of was “Ang taba ko, baka matumba tumba ako pag-balance!”. The answer I got from them was, “You’ll improve there.”

I did some research before I enrolled myself to a 1-week practice. I practiced each pose at home and tried my best to bend and bend and bend… Damn right after 2 poses, my shirt (and bottoms) were soaking wet! I’ve never felt so satisfied with sweat before until Bikram Yoga practice.


DAY 1.

I went to the Bikram Yoga Manila – QC studio all by myself. I stayed quiet the whole time and just observed the people coming in and out of the studio. They were all dripping wet in sweat and that kind of made me more excited to go inside the studio. On my first day, the yoga instructor said that my first goal is to stay in the hot room. Never mind if I cannot do all the poses, what’s important is I stay in the hot room and finish the class.

I DID IT! That was excruciating but most fulfilling 90 minutes of my life!


After a week of practicing Bikram Yoga, I enrolled again for 1 month unlimited class. I have a bad habit of starting an exercise and not sustaining it so to make this new addiction work, I challenged myself and signed up for the 30-day challenge.


30 days of practicing Bikram Yoga. Others doubted that I will finish it and that made me doubt myself also. There were days when I just want to lie down on my bed but then I realized, I spent a lot of money for that class… I want to change my habits… “I should go to class today.”

Luckily, I finished the 30-day challenge! It was an achievement! (hooray!)




It gave me a whole new perspective about life, actually. I became more patient, more relaxed and it gave me peace of mind. I practiced Bikram Yoga before mainly because I wanted to lose weight but surprisingly, upon finishing my 30-day challenge, it gave me so much more!!!

I wanted to practice it again that time but after I find a job nalang (yes, I just resigned from work when I practiced Yoga before haha). It took me a month to rest and just when I was planning to enroll again I knew that I was pregnant.

After 2 years (and 17.4 kilos) here I am again, trying to get back on the mat.

Thankfully, my sister-in-law gave me a ‘gift of health’ for my birthday – 1 week Unli Bikram Yoga and Zumba at Bikram Yoga Makati! Let’s see how this will unfold another healthy me.

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