Adriele’s DIY Photoshoot

March 8, 2015.

We all know that hiring a pro photographer is pricey nowadays. Even the studios that specializes on Baby Photography. So since we have enough materials (and patience), me and my husband decided to do it ourselves.

Why not a cake smash? Haha!


It was a sunny Sunday afternoon and Adriele got her required afternoon nap. Perfect! For the cake, we ordered a small one from Shoppersville Bakeshop in Katipunan. We have been ordering cakes from this bakeshop for a very loooong time! Reason? Cheap and yummy! (P110)

Adriele will be having a hot air balloon theme party for her 1st birthday. For the basket, we got it from Echague Quiapo (P200). We also got her some DIY tassles from Divisoria (P70 each color x 2)

For the balloons, Plan A was helium but we ended up buying the cheaper one because helium balloons are priced at P90 each! Ugh.

Now here’s what she wore. All from Gingersnaps.



READY! Parents’ level of Patience: 101%

Here’s what happened when we set-foot on the lush greens of UP Diliman…

Hmm balloon!

Hmm balloon!

She was scared of the balloons at first but after less than an hour, she held it and played with it. Way to go! Haha


She got inside the basket! Yay! But it only lasted for 3 minutes, I guess. She wanted to go outside. A bit irritated, I must say.

Parents’ level of Patience: Down to 98%

We tried to put her beside the basket instead so she wouldn’t get scared…


And then she started to cry!

Parents’ level of Patience: Down to 95%

She didn’t like the grass, well then… We decided to jump to our second set! Now with banig so she’ll feel comfortable.



Well, she played around but never looked at the camera. Pfft.

She even got hungry haha! Dede Break!



Parents’ patience level: Down to 80%!

We didn’t get lots of great shots because Adriele just kept on looking at the mat, the grass, and touch the tassle, etc! So we decided to jump to our 3rd and final set… THE CAKE SMASH!

Cake smash photography is the main hit nowadays and I’ve always wanted to see Adriele smash and taste a cake for the first time.

Excitement level: 200%

It's pretty (yucky), Mama!

It’s pretty (yucky), Mama!

So there, she didn’t bother to touch the cake and ended up crying whenever she gets near it. 😦

I don't wanna smash the cake!

I don’t wanna smash the cake! Zoom in the face? Wait.

Look closely!

Look closely!

Look at that face! Haha! Patience level: 50%… Time to wrap-up!


Okaaaay, pack-up! It was very tiring! I wonder how photographers from Baby Shower Studio or The Picture Company do it! Requires lots of patience and drive because kids can get really cranky and grumpy and shy and annoying. LOL!

Will try the cake smash next time 🙂

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