Play & Learn Class at Gymboree

Playground is always fun for children. It is where they can interact with other children and adults too!

Adriele's first time on a parachute!

Adriele’s first time on a parachute!

When we learned about Gymboree’s class offerings, we got a little too excited. Adriele was just 10-months old when we first brought her to Gymboree. We weren’t hesitant to expose her to other babies because she actually developed some kind of ‘stranger anxiety’ since she was 4 months old. When she sees an unfamiliar face trying to befriend her or carry her, she’ll hold on us very tight and begin to cry. ‘Nangingilala’ others would tell me but to be honest, we think it is more than that.

We noticed that our kid is very observant. She stares at new faces and observe their gestures and of course, their looks. Maybe she was like that because she only sees the nanny, me, my mom (Grandma) and my husband. Di na sumasama sa iba, samin lang.

That’s one of the reasons why we really wanted her to be in Gymboree.

On her first day, she was amazed with all the toys, colors, and fluffy mats but still, she didn’t want to leave my side. She always holds my hand, my shirt, my pants… Every thing I have that she could hold on to. But even so, I tried putting her on the mat and be close enough to other babies so she could participate in the activity.

With the other kids

With the other kids

First they had a song. It’s a cue for walking, tapping, pushing, etc. It is very easy to understand and copy of course. Adriele became familiar with the song. She responds well and even smiles when she hears it!

They also had an activity wherein the children could do some exercise and physical development like crawling, walking, getting through an obstacle, climbing, rolling the balls, etc.



Our friend Mommy Nica and Baby Javielle also joined us

Our friend Mommy Nica and Baby Javielle also joined us

Playtime! They teach the kids how to say 'Please' and how to pack away the toys

Playtime! They teach the kids how to say ‘Please’ and how to pack away the toys

Our little Adriele improved a lot! On her 2nd day at Gymboree, she entered the play tunnel with excitement and interacts with the other kids in the class as well. She knew how to get toys in the busy box when it’s playtime and last but not the least, she was not scared to sit along with the other kids on the parachute.

She loves climbing!

She loves climbing!

It’s heartwarming to see our little Adriele improve her social skills (yes, even at 10 months!). She can now also walk unsupported! As of this writing, she goes on the playmat all by herself and pops the bubbles, walk with the other kids, crawl inside tunnels and roll the balls.

She loves Gymbo!

She loves Gymbo!

Gymboree made a huge difference and every time Adriele attends her class, we see her improve in so many ways! We are so glad we did not hesitate to let her join the class. Thank you so much for this, Teacher Ix!

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