Adriele’s Baptism

August 30, 2014. Adriele was 5 months-old. We had her baptism at Sta. Rita de Cascia Parish, Philam Homes QC.


She wore a simple long gown from SM Baby Company. It was kind of frustrating because we wanted a different gown for Adriele but no size available for her. Moving on, I think this simple cotton gown made our baby very comfortable during the ceremony.

The chapel was very solemn. It was filled by our families and friends. The reception followed at Shangrila Finest Chinese Cuisine in West Ave. It is also where he had our civil wedding reception as well so we know how great the food is!

Dada and Adriele

Dada and Adriele


For some DIY, we had a thumb marking session for the ninongs and ninangs.

Ninongs and Ninangs

Ninongs and Ninangs

Adriele will surely be reminded of your presence during that very special day, thank you!





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