Birth of Adriele

Let's get it on!

Let’s get it on!

Morning of March 18, 7:30am to be exact, I felt some contractions already. I paused and tried to analyze the contractions I was feeling. That was only my 37th week. When I got back on our bed, I told my husband that my contractions are very unusual. Though tolerable, I asked him to stay with me instead of going to the office. He did.

Each contraction is only 30-min apart. I called my Dad and asked him to bring us to the hospital. My Dad, fresh from his jogging routine, excitedly asked, “Manganganak ka na ba?” And I just said, “Hmm.. Siguro? Masakit na po ang tiyan ko.”

10:00am. Excited Lolo-to-be brought us to St. Luke’s hospital QC where my doctor is. We had to wait until 12nn for my doctor because she was in a seminar. They just advised me to be calm and walk around the hospital so I can bear the pain. The contractions got harder and longer. I usually pause and breathe deeper whenever I feel one or hold the hand of my husband, the steel of the chair, the water bottle I have, my bag, or anything I could hold on to.

12:00nn. My doctor checked my situation. She said, “Malayo pa si Baby! Kain muna kayo, then balik kayo mga 3pm for me to check the baby again.” And so we did. Even if we live 10-mins away from St. Luke’s, we did not go home. My Dad wanted to make sure of everything. Pag sumakit, at least within the vicinity lang kami ng hospital. During lunch, I really felt that the contractions became harder. The time difference also got shorter. I knew it, sabi ko nalang, “Today na talaga ako manganganak.”

3:00pm. Time for another IE. Doctor advised us that we could still go home, baka daw mainip pa ako sa hospital kakaantay bumaba yung bata. Truth be told, medyo naurong ang excitement naming tatlo but we followed the orders of the doctor.

Going home, Dad and Axle planned on dropping by at a nearby grocery. Namasyal pa. But during the time we were there, I felt the kind of contractions most mothers describe… Yung parang mababali na ang likod mo at balakang. Masakit, pero hinga lang ako ng malalim at hindi ako dumadaldal.

Back at the house. Axle timed each contraction again. We were advised na kapag sobrang lapit na, like 5mins or less ang time difference, we could go to the Delivery Room. My Mom arrived fresh from work. She didn’t know anything about our trip to the hospital nung morning and so she was a bit surprise to see me breathing heavily on bed. We told her that I’m feeling progressive contractions and she panicked a bit. She asked bakit pa kami umuwi, ready na ba lahat ng gamit, etc. etc. But what touched me most is despite the noise she contributes to the supposed-to-be-calm room of ours, she silently lit a candle for me at the altar. She prayed for my safety, and of course, for her first apo’s safety.

That's me having contractions

That’s me having contractions haha

When Mama went back to our room, hinahaplos niya lang yung likod ko whenever I feel pain. I hold her hand, and I feel a bit relieved whenever she touches my back.

Hindi ko na kinaya. After series of painful contractions, I asked Axle and Mama to call Papa (who is just downstairs) to bring me to the hospital. I slowly got up and managed to walk to the bathroom because I felt like peeing.

6:45pm. Instead of pee, my water broke and blood followed. I did not shout. Instead, I told my mom about it, “Ma, may tubig na tsaka dugo.” Sila yung nagpanic. Ako kalma lang.

In the Hospital

Doctors and Nurses kept on asking me the same things and I got masungit. The pain got stronger and I really couldn’t stand it. The only thing that could keep me calm is holding the hand of my husband inside the admission’s.

Fortunately, the resident doctor shouted, “8cm to 9cm, stretcher please!”

It was music to my ears. Finally, matatapos na! Ganon pala, when you’re just in that situation, you wanted to get over it immediately… not because you want to get rid of the pain but because you want to see your baby.

1, 2, 3… Puuuuuush!

My doctor Marietta Sapaula of SLMC Qc

My doctor Marietta Sapaula of SLMC-Qc

 11:00pm when I got inside the operating room. 11:25pm when I finally got hold of Adriele. 25 minutes of pushing and we were able to see Adriele. I am very thankful to God for giving me a very awesome team, headed of course by my Ob-gyne Dr. Marietta S. Sapaula.

Axle was able to cut the cord

Axle was able to cut the cord

He’s now officially a Dad! Axle was so happy and he got so amazed. He was there the whole time and he gave me support… all-out! Stunned how I magically gave birth to our first bundle of joy. Thank you very much, Love. You were also awesome!

Breastfeeding time

Breastfeeding time

Attempting to be a drama queen already

Attempting to be a drama queen already

And she's out!

And she’s out!


Papa, Mama, my doctors, Axle, Adriele and Me

The teary-eyed, first-time grandparents welcomed us in the hallway. I have never seen my parents that happy before. Not when I graduated from High School, from College, not when I treated them during my first sweldo, never. They really looked extremely happy. So happy that they handed their iPad to one of the doctors and asked him to take our photo.

I wouldn’t forget that day! It was a day filled with blessings and strength. God has given us a miracle; God has given us a wonderful gift.

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