Gender Reveal Baby Shower

The gang

The gang

It was a hot evening of March 8, 2014 when we had our baby shower.

We planned on having a Gender Reveal baby shower. Wanna know the story behind it?

Every time we have our ultrasound, the baby doesn’t show his/her (at that time) gender. The consultants always end up with the statement, “Next time siguro, Ma’m… Baka magpakita na siya.” Always prolonging the excitement! We were very eager to know the gender!!! Our family and friends kept asking us about the gender but we didn’t have any answer.

That’s the time my mom told me how she knew my gender back then. Guess how! Answer: When she gave birth.

Her pregnancy was so crucial. She was advised by her doctor to just have bed rest. My mom did not hesitate. She left her work and just stayed at home. No check-ups, only phone calls. No excessive walking around the house, just the bathroom, and back to the bed. My mom followed it all because they really wanted to keep me; they wanted a family.

No back to our ultrasound story. The head consultant finally came in to see me. The other doctors had a hard time to check my baby’s gender because she keeps on hiding. The consultant finally saw my baby’s gender! Yay! No, okay, we were expecting, no, we were praying for a boy but I think now is not the right time.


Gender (Isn’t it a coincidence? I’m posting this photo exactly after 1 year!) #timehop

Bet On Our Baby!

At the party, we asked our guests to take a wild guess. We asked them to put all their bets inside the designated pail. Baby Boy votes were quite a number.

Is it a Mickey or a Minnie?

Is it a Mickey or a Minnie?

Wondering how we revealed the gender? In other gender reveal baby showers, they cut the cake and guests will see the color of the sponge. Boy  if it’s blue, girl if it’s pink. Well, we tweaked it. Lol!

The cake is the revelation. After counting all the bets (in peso haha) we put the cake on the table and asked our guests to count 1 to 3 et voila!

It's a Girl!

It’s a Girl!

The lucky winner of the pot money is actually our daughter’s Ninong. He won P600+ hahaha! Nice!

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