On Pregnancy and everything else in-between


We are pregnant!

Photo taken last February 2014

This is my first entry and I want to make it special so bear with me if I get into so much details.

It was a calm morning of August when I first found out that I was pregnant. I had mixed emotions and I didn’t have someone to talk to at that time. I got so overwhelmed, I cried. I was afraid to tell my parents… I was afraid to tell the world. I was only 23 (turning 24 on the said month), and I was really scared.

The first person I shared the pregnancy test result with was, of course, my partner. I expected him to sulk but he didn’t. He felt happy but also, he got scared. Pregnancy at that time for us was a scary topic simply because we know we weren’t ready yet.

So… We were able to face our fear. We told our parents about it and they gave all-out support. WE’RE REALLY BLESSED!

The Pregnancy Journey

Maternity Shoot

Maternity Shoot

We got married and started to build a life together. Everyone was so happy for us and excited for our little bundle of joy. My pregnancy was a smooth and healthy one. I did not encounter any medical problem except for UTI, well I think most preggos experience that sometime during their pregnancy.

During the first trimester, my weight started to drop. My OB-Gyne said it’s normal and I shouldn’t worry about it. Here comes the back pain, the loss of appetite, the drowsiness, the terrible sense of smell! I remember a time when my mom was cooking garlic fried rice. I really had to hide in our room and pile up some pillows on my face so I won’t smell the aroma of the awesome garlic fried rice. My nose just hated it.

When I was pregnant, I also pursued a master’s degree in DLSU. I go to school like a normal grad school student. At first, I did not mention about my pregnancy because, syempre, hindi ko pa naman sila kilala. It had a downside too. Every time we have a break, my classmates would buy food from different establishments. God knows how hard I controlled myself from vomiting! I was shy to ask my classmate to hide her wonderful plato wrap so I just move to the end of the room and chew on some candy. Talk about paglilihi!


Kani Salad. Peaches. Taho. Sweetcorn.

Those were my top of mind food! And I feel enormous joy whenever I eat one. I really had a hard time because of my sense of smell haha! Unlike other moms, I don’t usually have the ‘hilo’ every morning. I experience it during evening. It was so bad, I have to sleep it off.

Whatever! This pregnancy journey is one of the best things I have ever experienced.

-Mama Jonah

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